Superman and Wonder Woman's Romance Continues to Evolve

The Superman/Wonder Woman sneak peek has been released in the pages of Convergence #8 and jeepers Mr. Kent, it sure is something alright! Check it out, before reading below, as there are spoilers!


"I don't love you anymore."
Ouch! That's quite a cliffhanger!

We've seen a LOT of changes coming up for post-convergence, however, I highly doubt the end of this relationship is one of them. Superman is dealing with a lot right now. His identity has been exposed and his powers are diminishing; he could be feeling sorry for himself.

It's not the Superman we're used to, but it's the Superman we have. And let's face it...he's lost everything. He's bound to think that he'll lose Diana as well. It's very common to fear losing someone so much, you push them away. That person, if their love is true, will fight with every ounce of their being to show you there's still hope.

Wonder Woman will be there for him in his time of need...

Tease from SM/WW #18

We all go through some dark times in our lives and we feel like running away. It's the people who truly love us that stand by us, through it all, no matter how self-destructive we may become.

I'm really looking forward to this next chapter in the evolving relationship of the power couple.

Tony Daniel to Power Couple: "I can't quit you."

Tony Daniel ended his run on Superman/Wonder Woman with issue #12 so he could run off with another character: Deathstroke. Less than a year later in DC's Deathstroke: Sneak Peek we see Hephaestus deliver him a weapon and the promise of being amply compensated. In return for killing a God.

So less than a year after Tony Daniel broke up with the power couple

this happens...
Deathstroke #8
and then this happens...
Deathstroke #9
and then this...
Deathstroke Annual #1

Something tells me that DC:
A) Wants to boost Deathstroke's sales
B) Feels the Power Couple is the best way to do it
or simply
C) Wants Tony Daniel draw the Power Couple again

Any way you slice it, Tony Daniel is back to drawing Superman and Wonder Woman for at least a couple issues.

DC must love it when Tony draws the power couple as much as we do!

UPDATE: Tony Daniel confirmed via his twitter account that the Annual reads as Chapter 3!

Superman "Truth" Promises to Explore Uncharted Territory

"We came up with this big, new direction for the character with a new set of challenges to throw at him." - Greg Pak (writer: Action Comics) excerpt from an interview with Comicosity
In the free preview of Action Comics, released by DC, we discover that Superman is slowly being de-powered. He still seems to have most of his strength, however his ability to fly and invulnerability have both been diminished.

Because of the reduction of his powers, there must be some form of change on a cellular level that the Fortress of Solitude didn't like. As he approaches the one place on Earth that he considered a 'safe-house' of sorts, the Fortress' built in security system denies him entry.

The Fortress doesn't recognize him as Kryptonian.

As a result, it retrieves the 'stolen artifacts' he possesses; aka: Superman's suit and cape. After he was stripped of his suit, he uses his remaining strength to retain a segment of the cape as it tore free from his grip.

Superman's world is literally being torn apart. We already saw, in Divergence (the Free Comic Book Day offering), that Lois revealed his identity to the world.

He is without costume and without identity.

The story titled "Truth" looks to be very promising as Kal-El begins to explore some uncharted territory. Over the course of 75+ years, Superman has recently been labeled as a boring and unimaginative character.

There are a lot of people angry about the change in the status of his identity and there are plenty of people upset about the loss of his powers. I offer huge props to the creative team behind this decision as it offers us a fresh new look on a classic character.

So what if he rides a motorcycle. He can't fly and lacks super-speed. Do we expect him to jog everywhere? The portions of cape wrapped around his knuckles are a reference to cage fighters. You know, sort of like his classic trunks were a reference to circus strong-men.

We should really try to see things with an open mind before fighting against the unfamiliar. Especially when dealing with comic books where the running joke is everything gets ret-conned.

We're finally being given, what appears to be, an exciting and original story.

My open mind allows me to enjoy what we have, rather than complain about what we don't. And I couldn't be more excited for June.

Supergirl Trailer Packs a Powerful, Message

It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's not a MAN. It's Supergirl!

When I first heard about Supergirl being considered by CBS as a series, I immediately wanted this for my daughter. After seeing the trailer, I can tell, her and I will enjoy it together.

On the surface, the show is being compared to 'Sex in the City' and 'The Devil Wears Prada', but I feel the tone of the show is about encouraging girls (and women) to feel empowered and confident. Girls can do great things too; it's scattered all over the trailer, if your willing to dissect the dialogue and actions.

Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers/Supergirl) is so charming and adorkable in the trailer, Sarissa (my daughter) loved her. The trailer shows Kara dealing with the destruction of her planet and leaving her parents behind. Trying to find her place in the world.

A tragic turn of events has her springing into action to save her sister, Alex, without knowing if she could.

But she dared to try.

When she discovered the great things she could accomplish, she sets out to continue the trend. Despite the warning her sister gives her. Kara won't be denied.

She's determined and confident.

Later we see Kara make an attempt to reason with Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) that using the word 'girl' seems a bit demeaning. She's met with some wonderful quotes from a powerful woman:

"What do you think is so bad about 'girl'?"

"If you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent, isn't the real"

In spite of all the unstoppable force displayed by Kara, she still feels very human with her interactions. She 'fangirls' when she realizes she's talking to James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks). Seeing herself on TV has her squealing with excitement. Even the fun moment where Wynn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) thinks she's coming out as a lesbian, he tells her it's great that she's embracing that side of her. When she attempts to save the crashing plane, only to have a bridge get in the way, she lets out a frustrating: "Oh, come on!"

It's a very real and human moment that we've all experienced. Minus the burning plane, flying and super-strength.

Alex sees how Kara can help people so she introduces her to Hank Henshaw (David Harewood), head of the DEO (Department of Extra-Normal Operations). He's a powerful and un-trusting man who feels he already has the tools necessary to handle alien threats. He wants no part of her help and by telling her she should go back to getting people their coffee...

She's told she isn't good enough. 

It crushes Kara's spirits and she begins second guessing herself. It's a powerful moment that I've seen happen in real life and I'm sure it resonates with a lot of young girls and women. Despite her initial concerns, Alex sees the potential in Kara. Without super-powers and armed only with love, She comes to Kara's rescue by talking her through it, telling her that she IS what the people need.

Her sister is loving and supportive.

Throughout it all, Kara is shown smiling as she embraces her role as National City's personal bodyguard. There are themes that we can embrace as Men, Women and yes...girls. They are good enough. There is nothing wrong with them. And they should dare to try with confidence and determination.

We have no clue whether or not Supergirl will succeed, but this trailer did plenty to give us hope that it will.

Supergirl airs in November on Monday nights at 8 pm EST

Noise Created Over Black Widow's Absence Should be a Warning to WB/DC

Here's your chance DC. WB are you listening?

As I write this, Twitter is giving the Marvel/Disney 'power-house of mouse' the business about not including Black Widow on their Avengers: Age of Ultron merchandise.

This is your chance to get one over on them.

Next year Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will include the most famous heroine of them all: Wonder Woman.

Put her on everything. Merchandise the hell out of the Princess of Themiscrya.

Marvel Gets Preferred Treatment Over DC

When DC announced the follow-up to Man of Steel would be Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the initial reaction was excitement. From Batman fans. Superman fans met the announcement with some trepidation as we weren't looking forward to seeing him made out to look bad on the big screen.

We know that Batman gets all the love.

Shortly after the announcement, Marvel declared that they would release Captain America: Civil War on the same date selected by DC for Dawn of Justice. This movie would put Cap at odds with Iron Man. Fans everywhere were excited. There was no division. Everyone was on board.

We know that Marvel gets all the love.

An argument against DC's cinematic style is that it's not 'fun' and they should do things more like Marvel. Well here we have a situation where Marvel is doing a movie in the same vein as DC and guess who gets killed for pitting their heroes against each other?


So why are these two sets of popular heroes being pitted against one another? And why has it been generally accepted for Marvel to do, but it's a point of ridicule for DC?

Batman v Superman will be a dark movie. Show me a movie with Batman that ISN'T dark. This movie will set up the DC cinematic universe. We've never had a time in comics when Batman and Superman met for the first time, without some form of conflict. Batman doesn't trust very many people and therefore it makes sense that he's wary of a newcomer with god-like powers. Superman believes there is good in everyone and always seeks to find it.

They will meet for the first time, ever, in the DC cinematic universe. It makes sense there would be some conflict. Sound familiar?

When Iron Man and Thor met for the first time in The Avengers, they threw punches first, talked later. And audiences LOVED IT.

My prediction will be that Batman will go after Superman, while Superman takes the heat and tries to reason with Bats. He won't throw a punch unless he absolutely has to. I also feel that there will be a villain lined up that the two of them will have to join together to fight in the end. Otherwise the movie will be a character driven piece, exploring the differences between the two characters with minimal action.

Iron Man and Captain America have been working alongside one another for quite sometime now in the Marvel cinematic universe. They argued and bickered throughout The Avengers but upon Coulson's death, the two of them set their differences aside to work towards a common threat. Everyone loved it. They fired insults at each other like kids on a playground and kept challenging each other to a fight.

People loved it. They ate it up like popcorn at a movie.

So, naturally, people are excited to get a whole movie dedicated to the petty bickering between Iron Man and Captain America. If you're familiar with the Civil War story, you'll know that the main disagreement isn't so much about 'who's better' but about their personal views. Even though in the movies Captain America spends much of his time fighting without his mask on, but he still maintains a 'secret identity'. Tony Stark announced to the world at the end of the first Iron Man movie that he, in fact, was Iron Man.

These differences set them apart in regards to the government's 'Superhuman Registration Act' that declares anyone costuming as a 'superhero' must register their information with the government. Ironically, Iron Man felt that someday a superhuman could make a mistake that would cost thousands of human lives. Perhaps the cinematic Civil War will be spun out of the events of next month's Avenger's: Age of Ultron movie.

Captain America and Iron Man will be pitted against each other for their own political world views. They've already been at odds. They will fight and so far, from what I've heard people are very excited about the movie.

So why does Marvel get a pass, while people declare that there are literally hundreds of villains that Batman and Superman can fight other than each other? Where is the anger that Marvel's heroes will be at each other's throats?

For whatever reason Marvel seems protected from nerd-rage, as they are doing something very similar to DC with two of their biggest on-screen characters.

I'll never understand the Marvel bias among movie-goers, but it definitely exists.

4 Important Things We Need From an Olivia Munn Psylocke

Olivia Munn has some talent as an actress and while there has been some mixed reviews on her being cast as Psylocke, I don't feel that should be the biggest of worries. It turns out, the world did NOT end and therefore we will need to move forward and ask the next big question:

Will Bryan Singer do Psylocke right and can Olivia Munn pull it off?

There are several aspects about Psylocke we need to consider as she transitions to the big screen. Here are the 4 things "Nerds Must Have" in order to be happy with the portrayal:

Purple Hair

It seems trivial but her purple hair is almost a trademark for Psylocke. It's a signature look for her, even if it's sometimes viewed as black hair with purple highlights. Comic book coloring is open to interpretation by newcomers. Let's hope Bryan Singer sees the importance here. Actresses have done far crazier things than hair dye to play a role, so this shouldn't even be up for debate.


Psylocke's real name is Betsy Braddock. She was a British telepath who found herself killed and then resurrected in the body of an Asian woman, Kwannon. Olivia Munn is not British. Actor's learn accents for roles all the time. Henry Cavill, having grown up across the pond, isn't from Kansas and he pulled off the accent quite well. So it's quite possible that Munn will practice. If she needs help I have some source material for her to watch: Mary Poppins, Oliver! and anything starring Julie Andrews.

If she doesn't pull it off, she'll bloody well piss off this bloke!

Martial Arts

Psylocke is, among other things, a ninja. If Olivia Munn has zero martial arts training I hope that she starts soon. Having a stunt double take over is highly likely, but it wouldn't hurt for her to pick up some moves so she doesn't look awkward during the close-ups.


The blue bathing suit costume is not likely going to happen. Fanboys will want it, feminists will burn bras to prevent it from happening. It's a good chance that we'll get something closer to the most recent re-design. However Singer is accustomed to creating his own threads for the mutants, so all bets are off here. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!

I know you're going to anyways so I'm just wasting my breath.

Which one of these important details are required for you to be happy when Psylocke appears on-screen? Did I miss any?

Sound off in the comments below.